Free Trees from OVO Energy and The Conservation Volunteers

We have been donated over 900 trees from Ovo Energy & The Conservation Volunteers to give away to the local community! These trees will need a home when they arrive next month. Please chat to neighbours, friends, family in and around Trowbridge. They can be given to individuals for their gardens, community projects, nursing homes, schools, businesses with land and farmers for hedge rows in fields.

These are the trees that are available:
– Rowan
– Bird Cherry
– Hazel
– Crab Apple
– Grey Willow
– Blackthorn
– Dogwood
– Goat Willow
– Hawthorn
– Dog Rose
All varieties that will happily grow in even a small garden. You may request only one or multiples depending on the space you have.

Please also get in touch if you can help with:
– Finding homes, talking to neighbours, local schools or other community groups.
– Distributing these trees when they arrive
– Providing compost and pots to grow on some of the trees.

Please email us on: to help, sign up and be kept in the loop about pick up dates.

4 thoughts on “Free Trees from OVO Energy and The Conservation Volunteers

    1. Hi Kirstie, Sorry we missed your comment on here but know you managed to get trees in the end. Hope you’re enjoying them and they’re starting to come alive now the weather’s getting warmer!


    1. Hi Wendy, So sorry we missed your comment, the trees have gone now but we’ll be sure to let you know next time we have some trees available! If you sign up to our newsletter, you can be sent the updates straight to your inbox too! Sign up is at the bottom of our website.


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