TECo invites you to join our project – Grow!

Gloucester Road allotments have kindly given us 2 raised beds which we are looking to form a team of volunteers to tend, nurture and grow. The beds are 1m high, have disabled access and onsite toilet facilities. This project is a cooperative project and we would like everyone to have input into what we grow, how we grow it and what we do with any produce.

A keyholder and member of TECo will be present at the site at times when work is being done on the beds. These are likely to be one weekday evening and one weekend morning/afternoon.

What we can grow:

  • Perennial herbs
  • Seasonal produce
  • Annual flowers

Your part in Grow!

  • Join in with the fun of planting, tending and seeing plants grow
  • Gardeners donate seed/plants and support
  • Give some time
  • Find homes for our lovely produce

We want to make the most of the opportunity to grow together so email us on trowbridgeeco@gmail.com if you’d like to get involved.

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