Blue Hearts

A Space for Nature Campaign

Space for Nature
Article written by John Baker

The Blue Heart campaign to rewild Britain is giving away blue hearts to all those who take part. Blue hearts have already been given out in Bradford on Avon, Melksham and Warminster. The aim is to set aside a space, however small, for nature to flourish and grow.

Matt Callaway, of Trowbridge Environmental Community, said: “We are encouraging residents to erect a blue heart and leave an area for wildlife to thrive. “We will be giving away blue hearts at the Weavers Market and ask that people come and pledge their space and sign up to the campaign. “The whole project is called our Space for Nature project which the Trowbridge Area Board and Wessex Water via the Wiltshire Community Foundation helped fund. “We are also calling on the council and councillors to help find space in their wards to leave grass areas to grow long. “We know there is a balance to be struck between recreation and nature so we are looking to provide strips, unused green spaces and edges along hedgerows and rivers which could be turned into a haven for wildlife.”

The Blue Heart campaign aims to restore Britain’s ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself and restore our relationship with the natural world.

A link to our project proposal can be found here.

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Some photos of blue heart pledge areas around Trowbridge:

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