TECO Party Packs!

Love parties, but hate waste? Our Party Packs offer a sustainable alternative to disposable partyware, so you can keep on having fun without the single use waste!

Why choose a reusable party pack?

  • Convenience – its all there ready for you in one box, no shopping around to find all the bits you need!
  • Save money – our kits are free to hire (a small refundable deposit will be required) so all the money you would have spent on throw away cups and plates can go on a bigger cake!
  • You’re doing your bit to reduce waste and protect the planet – it may seem like a small action but the Party Kit Network estimated their network saved 280,802 single-use items from being purchased in 2021/22! https://www.partykitnetwork.org/annual-audit

We have 2 Party Packs available each of which can cater up to 30 people. Each pack contains:

  • Plates x30
  • Bowls x30
  • Cups x30
  • Cutlery (knifes, forks and spoons) x30
  • Jugs x3
  • Serving platers x8
  • Table cloths x4
  • Bunting (different options available)

How does it work?

  • Contact us and arrange booking
  • Collect your Party Pack and pay your deposit
  • Have a wonderful party – we’d love you to share any pictures and stories with us!
  • Wash up your Party Pack, reload the box, checking you have all the contents
  • Return your pack to be reused by the next person!

If you would like to hire a Party Pack, check out our Party Pack calendar for availability and email tecopartykits@gmail.com to make a reservation.

This project is funded by:
St James Trust

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