Free Trees from OVO Energy and The Conservation Volunteers

We have been donated over 900 trees from Ovo Energy & The Conservation Volunteers to give away to the local community! These trees will need a home when they arrive next month. Please chat to neighbours, friends, family in and around Trowbridge. They can be given to individuals for their gardens, community projects, nursing homes,Continue reading “Free Trees from OVO Energy and The Conservation Volunteers”

Bat Walk with Trowbridge Environmental Community

Saturday the 1st was a lovely evening for bats; mild and not too windy. Our band of bat watchers met outside the Odeon just as the sun was setting. We were also joined by local bat ecologist Charlotte Mason. We walked up through the town centre and began listening for bats at the Blind houseContinue reading “Bat Walk with Trowbridge Environmental Community”

River Clean Up, 10th October 10am

Working along the river bank, we will continue our mission to clean up Trowbridge. Meeting at Cradle Bridge (Off Castle Street) at 10am, walking along towards Asda. If the river levels drop, we will have one or two waders available to get in the water but we will focus on the banks and accessible areas.Continue reading “River Clean Up, 10th October 10am”

Climate Emergency Working Group

Our group is working to act as a bridge between the town council and the community in support of, and as a catalyst for change, in response to the climate emergency. A catalyst for change: In 2018 the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C.  TheContinue reading “Climate Emergency Working Group”

Great News: TECo grant award – Chestnut Fund

TECo has a grant from the Chestnut Fund which is gratefully received, for conservation to be used to help fund publicity for our events and get more people aware of the group. TECo grant award – Chestnut Fund TECo has been awarded a grant from Chestnut Fund – a charity that awards funds to groupsContinue reading “Great News: TECo grant award – Chestnut Fund”

Local nature challenges to encourage wild flowers and wildlife

Walwayne Court School has been making wonderful efforts to encourage wildlife and wildflowers. A lovely article in the Wiltshire Times, that we thought would be great to share.Walwayne Court School has been making wonderful efforts to encourage wildlife and wildflowers. Have a read about the exciting action they have taken to make this happen. InspiringContinue reading “Local nature challenges to encourage wild flowers and wildlife”

Garden Art – share your ideas

We would love you to share your ideas on our facebook page – Trowbridge Environmental Community. Trowbridge is embracing nature and art together! Hayley Christine and family painted the side of their garage with this lovely image inspired by nature. Happy and cheerful – send us a photo of your garden and what you haveContinue reading “Garden Art – share your ideas”